Tinca Prunea-Bretonnet

Tinca Prunea-Bretonnet has been PI of the project ‘Philosophy between Mathematical Method and Experiment: the Berlin Academy (1746-1764)’ and is currently PI of the project ‘Between Truth and Freedom: Enlightenment Answers to 'Thinking for Oneself'. She specializes in Kant and the philosophy of the German Enlightenment, with a focus on the methodological doctrines elaborated and promoted by the Berlin Academy during the reign of Frederic the Great. She is co-editor of The Experiential Turn in Eighteenth-Century German Philosophy (Routlege 2021) and author of L’avène­ment de la métaphysique kantienne et ses prolongements (1885-1924) (Garnier, forthcoming).


Affiliated Researcher
University of Bucharest