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Call for Papers: ‘Criticisms of Isaac Newton’s Natural Philosophical Program, 1672–c.1750’ conference Date: 20–21 September 2024 Deadline for contributions: 15 May 2024
We are very pleased to welcome Leone Zellini, who will carry out a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Karin de Boer at KU Leuven. Leone’s Ph.D. project aims at showing how Kant’s and Schelling’s recourse to analogical reasoning rested on Newton’s.
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We currently invite applications for a postdoctoral researcher (18 months). Candidates are invited to propose their own project, preferably focused on the period between Wolff and Kant. However, other proposals on developments and/or debates in 18th-century German philosophy related to the impact of Newton’s mathematical-experimental paradigm will be taken into consideration as well. The project will be supervised by Karin de Boer (KU Leuven).
Congratulations to Marco for winning the Prize of the Fondation Del Duca-Institut de France 2023 for his book Maupertuis: le philosophe, l’académicien, le polémiste!
We are very pleased to welcome Casper Dewit, who will carry out a PhD project on the Dutch natural philosopher Nicolaas Hartsoeker (1656-1725). Hartsoeker was a well known philosopher in his time and critically engaged with contemporaries such as Leibniz and Newton. The research project is being done under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Steffen Ducheyne.
Supported by the EOS project RENEW18, the FRS- FNRS, the Faculté de Philosophie et Sciences Sociales at ULB (PHISOC) and the Centre de recherche en philosophie (PHI) organise on January 17 and 18 a two day congres on "Continental Empiricism in the Early Modern Period"
Call For Applications: Kant’s Dynamic Theory of Matter. An in-person conference is held in Brussels on 7-8 March 2024 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. A Call For Applications is launched with a deadline for abstracts on 15 October 2023 and confirmation of acceptance on 30 October 2023
We are very pleased to welcome Olivier Claude, who will carry out a PhD project on ‘Newton’s Metaphysics’ in French Materialism: La Mettrie, Diderot, D’Holbach, under the supervision of Arnaud Pelletier and Marco Storni, who will carry out the subproject An Aristotelian Defense of Newton: The Jesuit Theory of Matter in France, also under the supervision of Arnaud Pelletier.